Culture and Life in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has one of the richest artistic, cultural and historical heritages of all periods.


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Travel back in time and learn about Puerto Rico's rich heritage. The timeline starts around the 15th century when Taíno Indians inhabited the island, right down to the present.


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The culture of Puerto Rico has been greatly influenced by its history. With the blend of Taino Indians, Spanish and African cultures, comes a melting pot of people and traditions, as well as the impact of the United States political and social exchange into every aspect of life.


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Puerto Ricans are known for their warm hospitality, often considered very friendly and expressive to strangers.


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Puerto Rican cuisine is a unique tasty blend of Spanish, African, Taíno, and American influences. We call it "cocina criolla", a delicious mingling of flavors and ingredients passed from generation to generation.

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Did You Know?

The Puerto Rican Coat of Arms is the oldest official national seal still used in the Americas.