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Location of Monito

Monito island lies 3 miles northwest of Mona. It is 0.147 sq km (0.0566 sq mi), or 36.25 acres in size and approximately rectangular in shape. Monito is one of the three small islands in the Mona Passage and part of the municipality of Mayagüez.

Monito's name is the diminutive of Mona. Like Mona, Monito has been designated an ecological reserve by the Puerto Rican government and is not permanently inhabited.

The U.S. Air Force used Monito as an aerial bombing area target after World War II, and many large impact craters and bomb fragments remain on the island.


Did You Know?

The term "china" originated from a brand of oranges that came to Puerto Rico in the 19th century, advertised as names "Naranjas de la China/Oranges from China" China in PR is the color orange and the fruit. naranja, which is used for oranges in most Spanish speaking countries, only refers to the bitter orange in Puerto Rico.