Luquillo is known as "La Capital del Sol" (sun capital) and "La Riviera de Puerto Rico" (Puerto Rico's riviera). Luquillo was founded in 1797 by Cristóbal Guzmán. The town was named after the Indian cacique Loquillo, who died a few years after the last Indian rebellion in 1513.

If you return to or stay on the coastal highway, you'll soon reach Luquillo Beach. This huge plantation of majestic coconut palms shades more than a mile of fine and shimmering sand. It is one of the most popular and nicest public beaches in the San Juan area. It offers cafeterias, public bathrooms with showers, access for disabled people, and an ample parking lot. Monserrate Beach is one of the public beaches most frequented by the locals.

Luquillo is located in the northeast coats, northwest of Fajardo; and east of Río Grande.

There are many well-known "luquillenses", among them: sculptor Tomás Batista.

Luquillo is made up of 6 barrios (wards/districts):

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Anthem: Junto a las costas del mar Atlántico...


There are 10 public schools in Luquillo, education is handled by the Puerto Rico Department of Education.


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In 1906, Theodore Roosevelt, the first US President to travel outside the United States, made a stop in Puerto Rico (thus, becoming the first president to visit the island) and that he stayed overnight in Ponce.