Peñuelas known as "La Capital del Güiro" (giro capital) and Valle de los Flamboyanes" (valley of the flame trees). Peñuelas was founded in 1793 by Diego de Alvarado.

Peñuelas is located in the southern coast of the island, south of Adjuntas; east of Guayanilla; and west of Ponce.

There are many well-known "peñolanos", among them: writer Lorenzo A. Balazquiede and writer Luis Díaz Hernández.

Peñuelas is made up of 13 barrios (wards/districts):

  • Barreal
  • Coto
  • Cueva
  • Encarnación
  • Jaguas
  • Macaná
  • Pueblo
  • Quebrada Ceiba
  • Rucio, Santo Domingo
  • Tallaboa Alta
  • Tallaboa Poniente
  • Tallaboa Saliente

Things to See and Do In Peñuelas

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Anthem: As Es Mi Pueblo


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Did You Know?

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