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Summary Population and Housing Characteristics

Table 11.     Occupancy and Financial Characteristics for Renter-Occupied Housing Units: 1990

Puerto Rico
Municipio Subdivision
All renter-occupied housing units Specified renter-occupied housing units
Total 1 unit, detached or attached Persons per unit Mean number of rooms Total Contact Rent
Less than $100 $100 to $149 $150 to $199 $200 to $299 $300 to $499 $500 or more Lower quartile (dollars) Median (dollars) Upper quartile (dollars)
Puerto Rico 294,691 181,788 3.17 4.4 219,595 71,408 34,408 32,241 39,609 32,694 8,769 66 154 262

Did You Know?

The oldest city in the United States is St. Augustine in Florida, that is according to a continuously settled Europeans in the city. But the United States jurisdiction recognises San Juan as the oldest city in the US territory of Puerto Rico.